Therapeutic achievements of the Optimal Nutrition

In over 30 years since dr Kwasniewski began practising his unusual dietary approach 
to treatment of disease, many people with diseases officially classified as “incurable” 
approached Jan Kwasniewski MD for help. 

The therapeutic results of treating diabetic patients at the Centre of Optimal Nutrition in Jastrzebia Gora, Poland :
( provided by dr. Mariusz Glowacki, neurosurgeon who has the first hand 
experience as a medical practitioner using the Optimal Nutrition as means 
of treatment ) 

A. Diabetics taking oral medications : almost ALL of his patients ( several hundreds ) stopped using their medications within the first three weeks.

B. Diabetics using insulin : ALL reduced the intake of insulin by MIN. 70%. 
In general , approx 50 to 60% stopped taking insulin ( including diabetic children ).

These results can only be treated unofficially because they have been gathered as single 
cases and not through officially sanctioned clinical trials. But all attempts, except one, 
by Jan Kwasniewski  to conduct clinical trials or to publish CASE reports have been met 
with the official boycott by the medical “establishment” in Poland.


*  Although diabetics who control their blood glucose level can relatively easily achieve the goal of "no medications" it is recommended that it should be done under medical supervision.

*  Those who use insulin , especially more than 40 units per day should NOT attempt to change their dietary habits nor insulin intake on their own. It is possible to stop taking insulin or reduce it in a significant way but dr.Glowacki insists that it has to be done under clinical conditions by a doctor who KNOWS WHAT HE/SHE is doing.

Below is a list some diseases, which will respond to “treatment” by 
the Optimal Nutrition. These claims are not based on few cases, but rather 
on hundreds or thousands of cases treated by Jan Kwaśniewski using 
the Optimal Nutrition in combination with the selective currents.  

A high rates of success were observed in: 

diabetes ( both type I and II), 
Buerger's disease ( atheroangiitis obliterans ), 
rheumatoid arthritis, 
Bechterew's disease, 
Reynaud's syndrome, 
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, 
coronary artery disease (CAD), 
deforming osteocoarthros, 
diseases of the digestive system, including stomach ulcer and colitis, 
chronic failure of the heart muscle, 
allergic diseases including asthma, 
multiple sclerosis, 
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 

In the two latter cases, the Optimal Nutrition stops the progression of 
the disease and leads to an improvement in health in every case, 
to a degree achievable depending on the organic damage to 
the brain and/or peripheral neurones.